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Another terrorist mourning month, December

Another terrorist mourning month, December By: Roberto Pérez Betancourt          

The anti-Cuban terrorist history in December since 1959, shows that  this is not absolutely a feast month where killers meditate and do  not take a rest directed by the (CIA), North American Central  Intelligence Agency.  According some reports from the Press Informative Centre, every year  there are more cold bloody attacks, sabotages of all kind and almost 80 correspondent bandits atrocities.   Methods are diverse: clandestine infiltration from mercenaries with  plans of sabotage and killings putting some bombs- one of the  favourite activities- intentional firings, airline kidnappings,  shootings, personal attempts, maritime piracy, hand-gun assaults,             among others.   Those who executed all kind of crimes takes part in anti_ Cuban   organisations, trained and financed directly by the CIA, or  disguised entities serving the USA government.   It is remarkable the tremendous sum of money, at about 10 million   dollars, which has persisted during ten different administrations of different contributors to suffragette any expenditures for a dirty  war against Cuba, so as keeping the mercenaries and buying             consciousness able for suborn, without attaching its main object, to  destabilise Cuban nation,  Human lives damages and great quantities of material stuffs  occasioned by the bandit actions are lamentably sorried.  December is a month full of long related bandit acts. Being  important to distinguish some of the acts from the 90´s decade from  XX century, an example that terrorism against Cuba is active, with  the presence of murders that run from justice, hosted in the South  of Florida state contemplated by the White House.   Luis Posada Carriles is an example, typified as a dangerous   terrorist by the W. Bush own administration, who far away from  extradition to Venezuela for answering certain crimes he committed -  as it corresponds according to international treatments- in a show   off of double moral, is kept in North American territory.  Here we have examples of the disgusting and sick terrorism against   Cuba last month of the year. December 26, 1990, an agriculture  aeroplane AN-2, registered CUA_ 1188 ,was kidnapped in Las Tunas  territory- Western of the Cuban Island- and directed to the             Guantánamo base illegally taken by United States since the   beginnings of the XX century.  That bandit cost was about seven thousand 320 pesos. December 28,  1993, two airplanes from HAR organisation violated the air space of   the island.   Three terrorist from Miami infiltrated by Matanzas city December  29,1991, which had already received trainings in a camp located in  168 street, Miami, where there were also 60 more persons waiting for  action.   December 21, 1977, counterrevolution Omega-7 executed three more  sabotage actions carrying bombs in Miami and New Jersey, USA, to  damage emigrated people from the island and some Cuban agencies of  travels related to commercial links with Cuba, what meant a joke to  the authorities of the country who gave them refugees to terrorists.  December 23, 1962, terrorists murdered a farmer and wounded his brother in Sancti-Spiritus province in Cuban centre- and also fired   the town's store  It still remain in the memory of the Cubans that sabotage of great  proportions in La Epoca store December 31, 1960, extinguished after  22 hours, which was directed by terrorist November 30, movement  occasioning 34 wounded and more than 10 thousand million pesos in             material damages.     This just an example of the translated evil in mourning and blood   for those who do not rest the desire of disappearing the total  sobering of the Cuban people, that in few days will arrive to the  49 years of conquest definitely its dignity.  

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